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Employment and Benefits

  • drafting tailor-made and model employment contracts and related agreements with employees of all categories (from entry-level to top management positions)
  • drafting and advising on work codes and other internal work regulations and policies
  • advising on non-compete and non-disclosure covenants in employment contracts, including drafting non-competition and non-disclosure clauses or agreements
  • comprehensive counseling on all forms of employment termination, including assistance with preparation and organization of mass layoffs
  • advising on various forms of employee remuneration, including advising on and assisting in implementation of equity-based compensation and incentive programmes in relation to employees in the Slovak Republic
  • advising on labor, visa, permit and other matters relating to the employment of foreign nationals in the Slovak Republic
  • advising on various aspects of and assisting in transfer or secondment of employees
  • providing general advice on Slovak employment law, including advice on protection of health and safety at work, protection against discrimination, social security and health care insurance as well as matters relating to relationships with trade unions and other representatives of employees