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Corporate and Commercial

A leading Central and Eastern Europe used car reseller

Slovak part of the restructuring of its European operations

German transportation company

relocation of its Slovak operations to Germany

A global construction company with headquarters in Germany

corporate restructuring of its business operations in the Slovak Republic

International insurers and reinsurers with headquarters in Australia

advising on Slovak aspects of restructuring of its business operations in the Czech and Slovak Republics

Swedish sheet metal processing company

establishing a joint-venture with Slovak engineering group

A leading global innovative pharmaceutical company

Slovak part of the world-wide separation of the client’s pharmaceuticals business

A leading Danish shoe manufacturer

restructuring of the client’s retail activities in the Slovak Republic involving, inter alia, a cross-border merger and transfer of business to newly established local operating subsidiary

A large Swedish construction components producer

post-acquisition corporate restructuring of existing and newly acquired Slovak operations

A large European pharmaceutical company

restructuring of a shareholding in one of the largest Slovak pharmaceutical producers

A Germany based manufacturer and reseller of lingerie

restructuring of the client’s regional operations by way of a cross-border merger

A large Dutch dairy producer

voluntary liquidation of a Slovak subsidiary

A leading global supplier of quality power transmission and motion control products

Slovak part of the restructuring of regional operations involving transfer of a part of business

A large Danish innovative pharmaceutical company

corporate restructuring of Slovak operations

A leading global wireless devices distributor and provider of customized logistic services

long-term logistics functions outsourcing contract with one of the largest Slovak mobile network operators

A major U.S. manufacturer of personal computers, portable digital music players and mobile communication devices

Slovak law aspects of the introduction of on-line application store in the Slovak Republic

One of the largest global soft drink bottler

implementation of new EU regulatory rules into the model customer contractual documentation in Slovakia

Several leading international companies

restructuring of the shareholdings in one of the largest Slovak packaging waste recovery and recycling company

A major international insurance brokerage company

corporate restructuring of Slovak operations

A large U.S. automotive company

restructuring of EUR 65,000,000 intra-group financing involving German, Slovak and Czech subsidiaries

A global LPG trader and distributor

intra-group restructuring in preparation for sale of the stake in a major Slovak LPG distributor

A privately held renewable energy group

restructuring of intra-group financing involving several operating companies